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Water Shortage in Hyderabad

I just felt i want to share my feelings here.

While i am talking to my friends and family in India i understood that water became so scarce that almost all apartments and households buy water from tankers.

I strongly believe water,electricity and food are basic home rights and government should provide them without any fail. Looks like government completely failed to provide these to people in Andhra Pradesh (particularly Hyderabad).

People are purchasing water for daily ablutions and drinking from tankers. These tankers are filling up water some where outskirts of the town and selling to common people for premium price. No one knows from where they are bringing the water and how contaminated it is.

I also feel if government not able to fulfill this basic thing people should stop paying taxes and protest peacefully. I am pretty sure if people stop paying taxes and bills for water and electric until government provides permanent solution this will continue forever.

To do this all of them should unite and fight. This is not for one particular town or village issue. It is issue of complete city and state.

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