''Hard work is like a staircase and luck is like a lift. Lift may fail but staircase is sure to take you to the top'' -- unknown

To be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful -- warren Buffet

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Tips to plan your career wardrobe

We all live in different communities and are born into different cultures, which are often reflected in the clothing that we wear. Values that are important to you affect your choices in turn affecting the type of clothing you wear. Your appearance communicates your values to others.
A business or organisation is a 'culture' in itself. When you work for a particular organisation, you become a part of that culture, and hence are expected to reflect the values of that organisation.

A potential employer seeks individuals who have qualified skills, are dependable and enthusiastic. During an interview session, one thing the potential employer is concerned about is whether or not you will 'fit in' with the culture of their company and one of the determinants for this is your appearance.
If your appearance is very different from the other employees, you may not 'fit' the image that the company is seeking. Therefore, when seeking employment you may need to alter your appearance to match the values of the company where you are seeking employment.

Plan your career wardrobe
How often have you cried out 'I haven't anything to wear!' Well then you need to go through your wardrobe very carefully and make a plan. It is entirely possible to spend a great deal of money on clothes and not really be well dressed. Find out what you already have that is useful and that looks good on you. Get rid of those clothes that you have negative feelings about. This is a great way to clean and straighten your closet in the process.
Now plan what you need to add to your professional wardrobe collection. It is important to remember however that a plan for an adequate and appropriate wardrobe is never really ends. It is an ever-evolving process and changes as you change.

You and your colours
Colours can radically alter your appearance. The colours you choose to wear are governed by your personality, and by your own personal colouring.
Look at your colouring. This includes complexion, hair, and eyes. Hold different colours up to your face to see the effect. Find your best colours and stick to them.

Wisely build your wardrobe around one or two basic colours that look great on you. Your personality is a factor to consider in your color decisions. Bright, stimulating colours seem appropriate if you are the out going kind. If you are shy, choose soft, subdued colors, but accessorise them with brighter ones. Look good, feel great.
Whether male or female, young or old, in the workplace or based at home, you have to decide what to wear every day. It may be a cliché, but you never get a second chance to make a first impression

Job interview? Important meeting? Returning to work? Your success depends on the image you project, so it's vital that you are aware of the impression you create. If you look good, you'll feel confident - and success is all about confidence.
Your personal presentation contributes strongly to your impact and influence in the workplace and gives you the edge when it matters.

Your clothes are talking about you! Not in words, of course, but in dozens of quiet, often unsuspected ways. What you wear expresses how you feel about yourself. What your clothes say about you is within your control and looking your best always demands careful attention to personal grooming and the clothing that you wear.
Knowing you are looking good will make you feel great and this in turn will provide an overall positive image in everything that you do.

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