''Hard work is like a staircase and luck is like a lift. Lift may fail but staircase is sure to take you to the top'' -- unknown

To be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful -- warren Buffet

I am better investor because I am businessman,better businessman because I am no investor. -- Warren Buffet


Smart check your money!

Whether you want to go on a vacation, buy a house, or enjoy a comfortable retirement, you’ve got to learn to save money. Unfortunately, many of us tend to spend whatever we earn or more. We know savings are important for unexpected emergencies or major life changes, but we just can’t seem to put some cash away for a rainy day. Try these money-smart moves to protect your future, no matter what life has in store.

In addition to the accounts you have with your husband or partner, include a joint emergency fund worth about 10 per cent of your combined income, put aside 10 per cent of your personal annual income in your own name. Determine how much you need to save, establish a timeframe, set a particular date for accomplishing shorter-term goals, and make sure the goal is attainable within that time period.

Sure, it’s easier said than done, but sometimes you might want to forgo that extra bottle of soda or bag of candy at the supermarket exit, or anything else that won’t benefit you in the long run

Join your plan at work if your company offers one. Although many experts recommend saving 10 per cent of your income for retirement, if your company doesn’t offer any, invest intelligently keeping the needs of your life after work in view.

In an emergency, you don’t want to waste time rummaging for important papers or passwords. Once a year, list all your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, insurance policies, and other financial data in one place - keep it all on paper with any PIN numbers or access codes in a safe deposit box or other safe location, or in a secure computer file. You also need to list the name of your lawyer, where your will is, and details about any other assets you have.

Simply calculating how much you spend each month on your debts will illustrate that eliminating debt is the fastest way to free up money. Once the money is freed from debt payment, it can be easily re-purposed to savings.

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