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Tips to enhance your home space

When planning the interiors of a house, the needs of all family members have to be taken into account. In today's world of small apartments, it is important to make use of every inch of space and, in fact, create space where there is none. The final effect should be one of visual spaciousness, which is cosy, comfortable, personal, and, of course, easy to maintain

Furniture is the most important thing, when we think about a 'home'. So furniture should be selected properly in order to make the house look spacious. Furniture, to a large extent, depends on the size of the house. Carved, heavy wooden furniture may suit a large room but would make a small, tiny room look cluttered and crowded.

Think of creative storage solutions - wicker baskets hung from ceilings make attractive spacesavers in small kitchens. Attaching spice-racks on the inner side of cabinet doors is one way to conserve space in very tiny kitchens. Display or conceal small objects on wire racks, hooks, or narrow wooden shelves behind doors.

Upholstering furniture like sofa sets or divan sets in fabric that it similar to the wall colour will allow it to "melt" into the background and create the illusion of space.

Go with a few distinctive pieces of furniture rather than cluttering the room with many smaller components. Dining tables that can be folded and converted into normal tables will not consume much space, even as they fulfill your needs. Even study tables in children's rooms can be built attached to the wall so that they can be folded and kept when not required.

Colours also have to be selected keeping the space of your room in mind. Colours do make a difference specially colours like sky blue, lime green, lilac, gray, cream and off-white which make space seem larger. Monochromatic colour schemes (varying tones of the same colour) are the surest way of making a small space look bigger. Painting adjacent rooms in a similar or the same shade will give a feeling of continuity and spaciousness.

A darker room makes a room seem smaller. If you plan to put on curtains its always better to hang curtains of a light colour and simple design. Never underestimate the effect created by proper lighting. Plenty of sunlight and adequate ventilation can give your house a sunny look. The brightness and quality of light creates different moods and atmosphere.

Natural light is always preferred at home, which gives you a natural environment at home. Artificial light gives off a particular colour range of the spectrum that is not balanced. Being in a room that is constantly lit by such light can cause headaches, eyestrain, loss of energy and nausea.

Cushions, candles, flowers, objects and plants will all make your home a colourful, cheerful and pretty place that is welcoming and cosy, even if it is small.

There are many ways to work on the space that your house offers. Even though space is limited, you can utilise it to the maximum and beautify your home with your own creative ideas. So you need not be disheartened by the small space that your house offers; instead, take it as a challenge and let loose your talent, and surprise yourself with your creativity.

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