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Healthy Life - Tips

Green vegetables

1.This protects your eyes from ultraviolet light. Your retina contains compounds called carotenoids which work like a sunblock in your eyes. Boost your intake of all these elements by eating green vegetables, beans, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, kiwi and other citrus fruits. Include figs in your diet. Eating five dried figs a day helps provide a third of your calcium needs as an adult.

2.In the end, make sure you wear sunglasses that can shield your eyes against the harmful UVA and UVB rays

3.Protect yourself against back and shoulder pain - by standing up and sitting down without using your hands to get off a seat. Do this when you are going to the toilet, as well as at your desk or on the sofa. If you have an adjustable office chair, set it at the lowest height, before trying this exercise ten times.

4.Ask your doctor about having a test. High levels of homocysteine, a substance found in blood, are a stronger indicator of heart disease risk than cholesterol. You can lower your 'H-factor' by eating foods containing folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, magnesium and zinc, such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, green leafy vegetables and unsalted nuts and seeds This is because the hypothalamus in the brain, which governs the central nervous system and many other functions in the body, is very sensitive to changes in routine. So when we sleep in late, stop or start exercising or eat irregularly - as is common on the weekend - this can disrupt the function of the hypothalamus, triggering headaches and migraine.

5.Try to eat every three hours and sleep for roughly the same amount of time every night.

6.At the end of the week look at your notes and, the following week, try to replace any unhealthy lunches - fatty, salty or convenience foods - with more heart friendly options such as salads, fruit and low-fat options.

7.This will help prevent wrinkles. If you sleep on your side or face down, pressure on the face literally causes the skin to wrinkle.

8.This is particularly true of the nasal-labial fold, which is the line that runs from the nose to the mouth. Laughter lines can also form from sleeping this way as the skin around the eyes is particularly thin.

9.The noise of using it everyday on the most powerful setting might affect your hearing in the long-run. Also, turn down the volume of your personal music player or mobile phone to protect your hearing. Generally, if you can't hear external sounds when you've got your headphones on then the volume is too loud.

10.Beds that are too hard or too soft are bad for your back. Medium-soft mattresses put less pressure on the shoulders and hips, allowing you to sleep more naturally.

11.Hepatitis C, a virus that leads to liver damage, is passed this way. One in a hundred people carries the virus.

12.As we sleep, bacteria and plaque form on our teeth. The bacteria are then multiplied by the sugar and acid in our breakfast food, which increases the risk of tooth decay. Brushing before you eat removes this bacteria. The fluoride in the toothpaste also coats the teeth, thereby protecting them against acid and sugar. If you do brush after eating, wait at least half an hour because the food acids and sugars temporarily weaken the protective enamel on the teeth. If you clean your teeth too soon, you are actually brushing away at this enamel before it hardens again.

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