''Hard work is like a staircase and luck is like a lift. Lift may fail but staircase is sure to take you to the top'' -- unknown

To be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful -- warren Buffet

I am better investor because I am businessman,better businessman because I am no investor. -- Warren Buffet


Career Counseling & Guidance

If you are looking for any career advice realted to:

1. What to talk to consultents before joining to them?

2. How to negotiate rate for the work you are going to join?

3.Hot technologies in the current software market.

4. How to find job your self in US market.

5. How to decide consultant you are working is good or bad?

6. How to get certification in your areas of specialisation.

7. How to improve your current rate.

8.Any questions related to H1B,job,career,location of work and all your needs.

Email me!
Please do not forget to write your short name,your domain in which you are working and also please write clearly what is exactly your looking for.

I will try to answer all your questions and can give you a right answer.

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